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Great Private Tours is a privately run, independent tour operator for the discerning traveller. We focus on unique itineraries that incorporate indulgent food and wine experiences. Melbourne is blessed with many wonderful adventures of both the palate and the senses, and Great Private Tours allows you to explore Victoria’s regions in a more luxurious manner than the average tour.

My name is Steven Andrews and having owned and operated several travel and tour companies, I wanted to offer you a more unique and personal service with Great Private Tours. You are our esteemed guest and we endeavour to showcase the very best of Victoria for you.

Melbourne is a world-class city, in close proximity to many of Victoria’s diverse regions. Great Private Tours will be your key to unlocking the very best touring experiences in Victoria. We will indulge you with the wondrous spectacles and food adventures that this part of Australia has to offer.

All of our guides are hand-picked professionals who are committed to delivering excellent tours. They truly enjoy sharing their local knowledge with you in a professional yet relaxed manner. Your comfort is our priority.

As part of our exclusive and personal service, we are happy to amend any of our tours to suit your requirements. Let us co-create the unique experience you desire.

We look forward to providing GREAT service, showcasing GREAT places and gifting you with GREAT memories!

Warm Regards
Steven Andrew