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Booking terms & conditions with your local tour guide from Great Private Tours Pty Ltd

local tour guideDates, itineraries and prices are valid until 31st December 2020. All prices are in Australian Dollars.

Payment policy
Payment is required in full prior to departure of tour. If paying on the day a credit card is required to secure the booking. If on the day of travel you fail to load we will charge your card for the amount of the trip. 

Cancellation by you
8-14 days prior to departure 50% of total price will be kept by Great Private Tours Pty Ltd . 7 days to 48 hours prior to departure 75% of total price will be kept by Great Private Tours Pty Ltd. Within 48 hours prior to departure 100% of total price will be kept by Great Private Tours Pty Ltd.

Cancellation by Great Private Tours Pty Ltd
At times Great Private Tours Pty Ltd may have to cancel a tour or service. In the event we do have to cancel, every effort will be made to offer a suitable alternative. If the alternative is not suitable we will refund your tour price in full. We reserve the right to cancel a tour, change vehicle, and arrange an alternative operator (if possible) if required. In circumstances where the cancellation is due to external factors beyond our control, any potential refund will be less any unrecoverable cost which we may have incurred. 

Dietary requirements & food allergies
If you have any food allergies or specific dietary needs please contact us to discuss these requirements and we will advise you if they can be catered for. 

Change of itinerary
Great Private Tours Pty Ltd reserves the right to amend tour times, itineraries and fares for its products as circumstances, time of year and operational reasons occur. There will be no refunds in these circumstances nor for delays incurred due to mechanical failure, accident, weather or any other unforeseen circumstances. We cannot guarantee exact pick-up and drop-off times and will accept no responsibility in the event of cancellation fees from other connecting services. 

Limitation of liability
We contract with a network of companies and individuals to assist in operating our tours. Great Private Tours Pty Ltd works with the other businesses to make our tours happen, but takes no responsibility for any act of neglect by any business whose services are used as part of your tour. Our suppliers make every effort to safeguard clients, and we cannot be held responsible for personal injury or sickness to any customer which is beyond our control. 

Photos & marketing
You consent to us using images of you taken during the trip for advertising and other promotional purposes in any medium as we require. You agree that the use of these images is without recourse to you and without compensation.