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Steven Andrew

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Ive been guiding in Australia for over 15 years and taken thousands of people all over this country. My early days were spend on overnight hiking tours in Wilsons Promotory and 10 day outback desert trips to central Australia. Recently my attention has turned to the finer things such as good wine, artisan beers and food adventure, especially regional ones. I’ve also worked as a sustainability consultant where i specialised in solutions for wineries and have a deep interest in renewable’s and environmental responsibility and the politics behind these (lets not talk politics unless we have too).  I’ve worked as a winery tour guide and I’m looking to sit the WSET Level 2 wine course soon.

Like many in this industry it was my travelling oversea’s for 3 years i was away and that inspired me to get into tourism and as a self starter i started my first tour business and learnt on the job. 

As the owner of the business I keep being enthralled by the myriad of choices that Victoria offers and enjoy being on the road with likeminded people. If i wasnt on the road, my current favourite pastime is sea kayaking.

My interest in following;

  • Aboriginal culture
  • Eucalyptus Tree’s ( fire ecology)
  •  Sustainability & Environment
  • Early Australian exploration


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