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The Dandenong Ranges are a place of beauty and tranquillity, where artists and Melbournians escape. Delve into this mountainous area of majestic trees, magical forests and rolling hills. You’ll find historic steam trains shunting through ancient fern gullies and past quaint artist villages as coffee roasters and gourmet providores prepare local delights for visitors.

The Dandenong Ranges are located 35 kilometres east of Melbourne and are a series of low lying mountains rising up to 633 metres in elevation. These mountains were once home to an an active volcano, but are now a popular destination that blends European gardens with towering Mountain Ash forests and artesian village culture.

The iconic steam train Puffing Billy winds its way around these hills, delighting the young and old alike. This much-loved historic train is an experience not to be missed! You can lean out of open windows and take in the views as the train chugs through lush green mountains.

If you are looking for a tour close to Melbourne with a bit less driving, this is the tour for you. We’ll get you back home nice and early after a single day Dandenong Delights tour or you can combine it with a Melbourne City tour or Yarra Valley tour for a full day of experiences.

Dandenong Ranges Tours

Puffing Billy Steam Train - Dandenongs

Mt. Dandenong Delights – VIP Private Group Tour

Full Day
    Steam Train - Optional Penguins